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What is the difference between Consecrated and General?

Consecrated ground covers Church of England burials and General ground covers all the rest.

Where can I find a particular grave?

You will find two methods of numbering and identifying where a particular grave is located.

The first is by the official grave register numbers. Apart from the side rows, the graves in the early sections are generally numbered lineally, that is running left to right as you look at the rows.

The official grave numbers you will find after the Surname and in brackets e.g. (G.L.186). This is the entry for John WILLIAMS. This means that the grave is in General Section L and the ’186′ is the grave number from the official register. Occasionally you may find a question mark after the number and this is to indicate that it is the best estimate of the number.

Have all the head-stones been recorded?

No, about one hundred and fifty four could not be recorded.  One hundred and ten were very large and lying flat on their faces, forty two are too badly weathered, two were too deep in the ground and two were too heavily overgrown.  All of these stones are listed under the “Unrecorded” Category.